Luxury Car Hire

Other Cars Rate


Rolls Royce

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  • Extra hour : Rs.20000
  • Extra Km : Rs.999


Bentley Flying Spur

Rs.990008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : RS.5000
  • Extra Km : RS.500


BMW 3 Series

Rs.90008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.900
  • Extra Km : Rs.90


BMW 5 Series

Rs.125008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1200
  • Extra Km : Rs.120


BMW 7 Series

Rs.250008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1800
  • Extra Km : RS.180



Rs.130008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1300
  • Extra Km : Rs.130


BMW 650i Convertible

RS.250004Hrs/40 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.5000
  • Extra Km : Rs.500

For outsation Details:

300 km Avarage a day ,

Chauffeur Daily Allowance Rs 1000/-

Per km chek last column of extra km you can take any car calculated from extra km


Audi A4

Rs.100008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1000
  • Extra Km : Rs.100


Audi A6

Rs.150008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1500
  • Extra Km : Rs.150


Audi A8

Rs.220008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.2000
  • Extra Km : Rs.200


Audi Q5

Rs.150008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1300
  • Extra Km : Rs.100


Audi Q7

Rs.250008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1700
  • Extra Km : Rs.150


Audi Q3

Rs.125008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1000
  • Extra Km : Rs.80


Mercedes C-Class

Rs.90008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.900
  • Extra Km : Rs.85

mercedes benze

Mercedes E-Class

Rs.120008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1500
  • Extra Km : Rs.100


Mercedes S-Class

Rs.250008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.1800
  • Extra Km : Rs.180


Mercedes GL 350 4Matic (SUV)

Rs.250008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.2000
  • Extra Km : Rs.180


Mercedes ML 250 4Matic (SUV)

Rs 20000 8Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.2000
  • Extra Km : Rs.180


Porsche Cayenne

RS.350008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.2500
  • Extra Km : Rs.250


Lamborghini Aventador

Call For Pricing

  • Extra hour : RS.10000
  • Extra Km : Rs.1000


Lamborghini Gallardo spyder

Call For Pricing

  • Extra hour : RS.8000
  • Extra Km : Rs.800


Jaguar XF

RS.200008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : RS.2000
  • Extra Km : Rs.150


Jaguar XJ L

RS.300008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : RS.2500
  • Extra Km : Rs.250


Range Rover

RS.250008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : RS.2500
  • Extra Km : Rs.200


Land Rover

RS.200008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : RS.1700
  • Extra Km : Rs.150


Chrysler Car

Rs.350008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : RS.3500
  • Extra Km : Rs.350



Rs.750008Hrs/80 KM

  • Extra hour : Rs.3500
  • Extra Km : Rs.350


Limousine (6 Seater)

Call for Pricing

For Outstation Hire:

Driver Daily Allowance Rs 1000/-

Average per day 250kms.

Prices Excluding Of All Taxes, Parking, Tolls & Permits

Garage To Garage Billing.  (1Hr + 1Hr)

Terms & conditions Apply.

Term & Condition :-

For outstation Hire, Driver Dally Allowance Rs. 1000/-

Price excluding of all Taxes, Parking, Toll & Permits.

Garage to Garage Billing.

Other Cars Rate

Flagship brands of luxury cars at an incredibly low rent

Come to the best luxury car hire service in town for your intra-city travel needs. Kings of Car hire, the leading car hire service of the city is bringing exclusive deals for you to have who’s who of the luxury car sector reaching your doorsteps. Now, all your dream luxury cars are just a call away. When you make a deal with us for the luxury car on hire, you get the convenience of chauffeur support and swift service. The affordable rent for the day or the duration you want to go for comes as an icing on the cake.

Luxury car hire service of ours has handpicked models of the luxury SUVs, sedans, coupes, crossovers and lot many. Pick the one that suits your needs the best and drops you to destinations in style, on time.


Our Jaguar Fleet comprises of Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJ L. These two luxury SUVs are compact yet spacious executive cars that certainly stand out. Stepping out in these beauties on the road is surely going to bring you all the power that complements your status. Strong body, automated systems, neatly trimmed seats with awesome support for head and elbows and strong suspension make your journey – small as well as long – a status ride.

Affordable rates and flexible plans

We know how things work in Mumbai. The travel time is never fixed and also not fixed are the waiting time at the venue. So, we bring you completely flexible hire plans so that you are never hassled by time constraints. Our luxury car hire Jaguar plans cover you in all aspects and offer you perfect setting for a comfortable business or personal outing. With us, you will always be on time as our drivers know the best routes and are punctual in their reporting too.


The Italian Beauty on Road, Lamborghini is the pride of our luxury fleet too. Kings of Car Hire rolls out hire/rentals plans to hire Lamborghini at rates never heard before. We take extra care in maintaining our Lamborghini fleet and present to you this luxury car on hire in the most tasteful manner. Beautiful ambience of the car, safety features, bespoke finish and awesome pick-up make this luxury car from Lamborghini a perfect outing companion. Our fleet consists of Lamborghini Aventador and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

If you want the excitement of a sports car to make your ride special, Lamborghini Aventador is the option to consider. Named after a fighting bull, this sports car from the Italian manufacturer is simply outstanding in performance and is fully capable of withstanding road conditions in Mumbai. Our chauffeur-driven Lamborghini Aventador never lets you down and comes to you at pocket-friendly rates. Call our car hire Lamborghini specialist today for pricing and hire plans.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Our Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is a classy convertible and is otherwise not available for re-sale on any of the platforms. Thus, when you go for car hire Lamborghini, you are actually riding on a rarity. Available for all intra-city and inter-city movements, our Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is surely going to make your outing high on style meter.

Reach to Kings of Car Hire for luxury car on hire

We are available on phone 24/7 to take your car hire queries and to provide you all the support you need to move out in Lamborghini or Jaguar, or any other luxury car of your choice. Our luxury car hire Lamborghini service will offer you:

  1. Most affordable rent structure
  2. Flexible hire plans
  3. Well-trained, verified drivers
  4. Up-to-date cars
  5. No refueling hassle

So, call us today to make that visit to your client or outing with family as perfect as is suitable to the perfectionist like you!

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